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Our CSR approach: mid-year update 2022

Jul 7, 2022 | 0 comments

At the beginning of this year, we set ourselves the goal of advancing our CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsability).

Our commitment is reflected in a series of actions, of which the following is a mid-year update on our approach.

First of all, we have created our CSR action plan, which we have tried to be as pragmatic and realistic as possible on the modest scale of an agency of about ten people:

At the same time, we worked with the Ititoca team on the agency’s raison d’être, mission and values in order to inscribe the CSR approach in our DNA and avoid the risk of “greenwashing”. Several workshops were organized during the first quarter to finalize this approach.

In particular, this was an opportunity to reaffirm our specialization in ecommerce and retail, thanks to our location in the heart of the Lille metropolitan area, with its ecosystem of head offices, service providers and start-ups linked to this sector.

We have thus defined our purpose:

Taking care of your teams, your ecommerce and our environment.

On a daily basis, we already strive to offer the best possible service to our customers while providing a stimulating and caring work environment for our employees. We want to go further by offering dashboards and recurring analysis to improve our clients’ ecommerce platforms, while integrating an environmental approach.

Furthermore, we have updated the agency’s mission according to the latest developments in our offer:

Enable ecommerce teams to make informed decisions, based on reliable digital data, as a trusted third party.

All of the actions that we carry out on a daily basis (audit, marking plan, dashboards, analysis, training, etc.) must indeed lead our customers to make informed decisions for their ecommerce platforms. These decisions can only be made thanks to reliable and quality data, which remains a constant objective of our team. Furthermore, we maintain our position as a “trusted third party”, i.e. we do not offer any other services in the digital field apart from Digital Analytics and Tag Management.

We have also reviewed the values of the agency, work done with the entire team in a collaborative manner:

Exceeding our limits – Caring – Sharing

On a daily basis, we strive to surpass ourselves for our clients in a continuous improvement and learning process. We are constantly on the lookout to deepen and challenge our expertise.

We appreciate the benevolence within the team as well as with our clients. This seems to us essential to progress together while being demanding with ourselves and others.

Since the creation of the agency, knowledge sharing between us and with our clients is at the heart of our approach. We hold weekly monitoring and R&D sessions within the agency and we share this monitoring with our clients every month in our steering committees. In addition, we have set up Optimal Ways Academy, a flexible and pragmatic training program with 2-hour modules conducted remotely in French and English.

For this second part of the year, we will continue to delve into all of these topics and move forward with our thoughts on the carbon impact of the implementations we do for our clients. See you on this blog in early 2023 for more news on this topic!