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A winter energy-boosting seminar at Atelier pur!

Jan 18, 2024 | 0 comments

At the heart of our values of excellence, sharing, and kindness, the Optimal Ways team gathered for an exhilarating and tasty seminar at Atelier pur, a bright and welcoming venue in the historical part of the city: Vieux Lille.

2023: Let’s celebrate our achievements together!

Reflecting on the past year, we revisited our major accomplishments of 2023. Innovative projects, fruitful collaborations, and successfully tackled challenges have marked our journey. This moment of reflection helped to strengthen our team cohesion.

Vision for 2024: Stronger together

The seminar also provided an opportunity to share our vision for the upcoming year and outline the roadmap for 2024. The focus of this year’s workshop was to provide our clients with even more tailored, effective, and scalable solutions.

Team feedback on the cooking workshop

For the lunch break, Atelier pur organized a cooking workshop. The workshop involving the entire team and its balanced menu centered around the theme “Boost Your Energy” was the highlight of the day, emphasizing teamwork and shared enjoyment. The bonds formed during the cooking workshop and the possibilities opened up by our 2024 vision have left a positive impression on everyone. The team’s feedback was unanimous: the seminar at Atelier Pur succeeded in creating a memorable and inspiring experience! We look forward to continuing this journey with you, our clients, and future collaborators, for a year 2024 full of shared successes.