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CSR at Optimal Ways: 2023 Summary

May 2, 2024 | 0 comments

We are delighted to present our CSR report for the year 2023!

Four major commitments guide us in this approach: contributing to the success of associations dedicated to the environment and a fair society; being a player in sustainable and responsible e-commerce; ensuring the upskilling of our clients to help them gain autonomy; taking care of each company’s talent through a positive work environment and a continuous training program.

Realistic indicators allow us to measure the positive impact we have on our community and our environment.

Additionally, the mission and purpose of the company have been recently updated to better reflect our CSR aspirations. 

Our mission: to support and train e-commerce teams to make informed decisions in a sustainable and responsible approach.

Our purpose: to learn and transmit knowledge to enable everyone to progress.

Optimal Ways is currently in the process of the B Corp certification, and we are excited to join this collective of positive-impact companies that share our vision of a better future!