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On the banks of the Audomarois marshes

Aug 23, 2023 | 0 comments

The Saint-Omer region (Pas-de-Calais, north of France) and its marshes welcomed us for our summer seminar.

As the second quarter was getting to an end, we took the time to reflect on what had been achieved by the whole team so far and exchanged ideas on knowledge management and quality assurance from the past period. We also reflected together on the second half of 2023, which promises to be rich in projects…

La Maison du Marais hosted us all day, punctuated by lunch at Les Bols du Marais.This location passes knowledge of the history, biodiversity and lives of the inhabitants of the Marais Audomarois.

The following day, we joined Ô Marais by Isnor for a canoe trip. “Navigating and staying the course” was sometimes difficult. A few collisions, but no one fell overboard!

During a short break on the banks of the Audomarois marsh including a nice picnic, we paid a visit to the observatory of the national nature reserve of the Romelaëre ponds and its birds. After a few hours’ paddling, we all made it home safely!