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A change of scenery!

Jun 5, 2022 | 0 comments

This spring has brought an air of renewal to our premises!

The whole place has been revamped to better fit our CSR approach of well-being at work.

  • Gone are the water fountain and its parade of plastic bottles! We replaced it with a new water filter directly on our water supply.
  • No more sizzling neon lights! LED plates bring us a much more pleasant light
  • No more gray tones in the office! The walls have been given light white and ivory tones!

The objective was to bring more luminosity and warm and natural materials, in harmony with our values. As the team grew, we had to rethink the open space and the kitchen area to better accommodate everyone.

Objective 100% successful!

A huge thank you to Melissa from Atelier Lowas for all her help, ideas and inspiration! She knew how to guide us in this transformation.

In terms of decoration, we put the great euro-region of the North, Belgium and the Netherlands in value. Thank you Wim‘ for your fabulous posters!