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From Quanta to la Remise enjouée

Apr 3, 2023 | 0 comments

Our 2023 spring seminar took place at the Quanta association on the shores of the Lac du Héron, a seminar with a view.

As an ESAT, Quanta supports the social involvement and work integration of adults with disabilities, including those with autism and/or psychological disorders, by providing a theater company and a restaurant called L’Estaminet.

During the morning, the Optimal Ways team focused on improving the internal organization and management of customer requests. The team discussed ideas to implement in the coming weeks.

Upon our arrival, we received a warm welcome at Quanta and enjoyed a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. The waiters and barmen from the restaurant provided excellent services, and the kitchen team offered original and delicious dishes. It was a great place to be!

After the meeting, we joined La Remise enjouée for an afternoon of volunteering.

La Remise enjouée is an association that promotes the professional integration of people who are far from employment by collecting, renovating, and selling second-hand games and toys at low prices, making them accessible to all.

The afternoon’s program included sorting toys, completing them, and testing many puzzles. It was a joy to find THE missing piece and complete the puzzles. The whole team was happy to participate.

This seminar allowed us to improve our internal organization, discover a friendly and welcoming place that is open to differences, and engage in voluntary activities with the cheerful Remise Enjouée team. It was a great opportunity to explore the world of solidarity and integration through work.