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On a daily basis, we support you in the process of digital analytics and the optimization of your websites and e-commerce applications.

We work on the entire scope of your digital data management: auditing your data, developing your tagging plan, managing your tags, creating dashboards and analysing your performance.

We ensure the installation and removal of your traffic tags and the quality assurance of your data layer and of your Digital Analytics implementation, during production and during site upgrades.
We focus on the development of your teams’ skills.



We implement the entire data collection strategy with Tag Management, Consent Management and Digital Analytics solutions.

We ensure the definition of your main KPIs, the drafting of the marking plan, the parameterization of the solutions, the recipes, the implementation of privacy consent management modules (GDPR) and new functionalities.



As a trusted third party, we provide information on the reliability of your existing implementation and of the data collected.

We evaluate the reliability of your implementation through various audits: on your Digital Analytics or Tag Management solutions, settings, datalayer, historical data, sources of traffic and traffic tags.

We help you define the main key performance indicators for your e-commerce sites and applications: KPIs, benchmarks and best practices.



We enable you to access and visualise the data collected by your digital analytics solutions to activate the right levers.

We provide you with dashboards for the business, acquisition, merchandising and conversion teams, or for the management committee to follow the evolution of the main indicators. We use solutions offered by providers (Google Data Studio, Adobe Analysis Workspace, etc.), or spreadsheet type solutions (Excel, Google Sheets), as well as third party tools (Analytics Canvas, SuperMetrics,…)



Specialized in ecommerce and retail, we assist you in the analysis of key elements: acquisition, behaviour, and conversion.

With a technical and business approach, we help you go further in your analyses.

We work on your methodology to identify the right indicators, the right segments and the right analysis methods.



Increasing the skills of your teams is our common thread!

Through day-to-day support and on-site or remote live training, we train your teams to become more independent.

Optimal Ways Academy is a distance learning program on the main Digital Analytics solutions.


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