Jeff Allen is currently the Senior Director of Product Marketing for Adobe Analytics. While at the Adobe Summit 2017 in London, Nicolas Malo, Optimal Ways’ founder, had the opportunity to interview him on the new Adobe Analytics Cloud product offer. 


Nicolas Malo: The Adobe Analytics Cloud was announced during the Adobe Summit US in March. What will this change compared to the current situation?

Jeff Allen: Before the launch of the Analytics Cloud, Adobe Analytics was one of the 8 products of the Marketing Cloud. Having a dedicated cloud for our Analytics and Audience Manager solutions demonstrates a strong commitment of Adobe in the analytics field with unified and bigger teams under the leadership of Bill Ingram. As Brad Rencher mentioned during his keynote, the Analytics Cloud is becoming the nervous system of the Experience Cloud and will have to deliver its promise of a seamless and relevant customer journey.

Basically, the Adobe Analytics Cloud will enable our customers to perform Big Data without boundaries, combining first, second and third-party data. Taking down the barriers will create much more interesting insights. In addition to this, we will start to see all touchpoints with a brand including data coming from CRM, Marketing Systems, Ad platforms, etc…

Nicolas Malo: Should the current users of Adobe Analytics expect changes in the user interface soon?

Jeff Allen: For the moment, nothing will change in the user interface. Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager will still be sold as separate products. Moving forward, a faster integration between the two products should be anticipated.

Nicolas Malo: What will happen with the current product offer Adobe Analytics Premium?

Jeff Allen: Adobe Analytics consists of 3 core bundles: Adobe Analytics Select, Adobe Analytics Prime and Adobe Analytics Ultimate. The following add-ons will be available for each core bundle: Video, Predictive WorkBench, Attribution, LiveStream, Data WorkBench and Mobile Marketing. Most of these add-ons were previously restricted only to the Adobe Analytics Premium offer. All these packages are more accessible and will adapt according to the customer growth and maturity.

Nicolas Malo: When will Adhoc Analysis be decommissioned?

Jeff Allen: Our plan is still to migrate all Adhoc Analysis functionalities into Analysis Workspace. We really want to understand completely how our customers are using Adhoc Analysis, and how this relates to Analysis Workspace. If some of your readers have still a specific need to use Adhoc Analysis, I encourage them to inform their point of contact at Adobe.

Nicolas Malo: What is Adobe Sensei?

Jeff Allen: Adobe Sensei is the intelligence layer in the Adobe Cloud Platform, serving as a unified AI and machine learning framework to help enterprises work smarter and faster. Specific to Adobe Analytics Cloud, Sensei powers anomaly detection, contribution analysis, intelligent alerts and the virtual analyst (announced this week at EMEA Summit).

You should expect even more innovation on Adobe Sensei in the future, as we have a strong commitment and we are making significant investments in this field.