Commitment #1

To contribute our share for the planet

Given the magnitude and urgency of the environmental challenge we face, we have decided to activate Optimal Ways’ power to act and do our part to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Through the company, we have indeed discovered a new lever for action.



On a daily basis

In order to reduce our waste, small changes can make a big difference: coffee beans, loose tea, water filters, sparkling water machines, recycling and composting.

1% for the Planet

Each year we support environmental projects by donating 1% of our sales to associations.

  • Plastic Odyssey : Plastic Odyssey: fights against plastic pollution at sea by acting at the source: the land.
  • En boîte le plat : Take-away meals in returnable boxes = glass dishes.
  • Entrepreneurs du monde : With almost nothing we can change almost everything.


Skills sponsorship for LPO (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux)

Our consultants helped them to improve their implementation of Google Analytics.



We have seen an impressive reduction in our waste:

4,554 Nespresso capsules, 2,780 individual tea bags, 96 bottles of water saved and 68 kilos of compost generated in a year!

A real partnership with the 1% for the Planet collective has been set up thanks to a skills sponsorship aimed at improving the measurement of donation campaigns.

Through our donations, we have :

  • Participated in the repair of the Plastic Odyssey ship set for an expedition around the world to reduce plastic use and pollution.
  • Helped develop the En boîte le plat (deposit) presence in three new territories, the Côte d’Azur, Besançon and Paris-Ouest. We are waiting for them in Lille!
  • Participated in missions in order to combat deforestation undertaken in Togo by Entrepreneurs du Monde.

Our sponsorship of skills has allowed us to improve the management of the LPO site and to optimize the visitor’s path.


Your donation has allowed poor people in Togo to access solar energy for lighting and a clean cooking method in order to feed themselves.
No more homework or domestic chores by candlelight, no more toxic smoke, no more CO2 emissions and no more deforestation due to cooking with wood.
94,000 tons of CO2 avoided, 116 tons of wood saved from being cut down and 78,216 people who gained access to solar lighting or clean cooking in 2021.
You have contributed to this impact! Thank you!

Leslie Gomez, Entrepreneurs of the World with PIC



1% for the Planet.
Each year we support environmental projects by donating 1% of our sales to associations

  • Cœur de forêt : Behind the tree, the human being.
  • Choisis ta planète : Raising awareness of sustainable development and living together for and with the children of the world.
  • Plastic Odyssey : Fights against plastic pollution at sea by acting at the source, the land.
  • Entrepreneurs du monde : With almost nothing we can change almost everything.

Reforestation and valorization of local biodiversity : with Beeforest, creator of micro forests in peri-urban areas, we are planning a planting task for this fall.

Climate fresk made by the whole team thanks to Declan Owens.



Support five social and environmental impact projects through 1% for the Planet.

Deepen our commitmentto reforestation and the enhancement of local biodiversity.


Our commitments in pictures

To contribute our share for the planet

To conciliate digital and sobriety

To support sustainable employability

To help Retail for Good entrepreneurs

To learn and share


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