Commitment #5

To learn and share

With telecommuting on the rise and teams often spread across multiple geographic locations, we’ve reinvented our training offerings for 2021. With Optimal Ways Academy, we are offering live, online training.

Because we have identified a shortage of qualified people in our sector, we are taking up the challenge of passing on our experience to French and foreign students in order to train the experts of tomorrow.

The members of Optimal Ways develop skills directly related to their profession, but also related to the right professional and relational posture. This allows them to prepare for the rest of their professional lives.


Our actions

Optimal Ways Academy

In January 2021, we launched Optimal Ways Academy, which offers customized Digital Analytics training courses in French and English.

Hosting foreign students

Each year, we welcome and train two foreign students during their studies in France.

Continuing education program

Training on solutions (hard skills) and relational qualities (soft skills) are offered to all team members..


The training courses are very popular with our customers. This year Optimal Ways Academy trained 391 participants and our trainers delivered 56 modules!

Since 2021, we have been fortunate to collaborate with Rohit, Jaykant and Bharanidharan, students from India, as well as Natalia from Colombia. Rich experiences shared! Their presence encourages us to use English in all our internal meetings and also allows us to progress.

In addition to technical training, the team has benefited from workshops on trainers’ attitude the role of trainer. Two consultants became teachers at the University of Lille and two other new trainers at the Academy.


Thanks to the high quality training provided by Optimal Ways, the Brady teams were able to acquire solid knowledge on the key principles and issues of digital marketing, all with a vision that is both strategic and operational, thus fitting fully into our global data-driven approach.

Abdessamad Aznag, Brady Corporation

I have learned so much over the past 6 months, not just various hard skills but also the soft skills like how to work as a team and more. The work environment there has set the bar high in terms of my expectations for future jobs.

Bharanidharan Annadurai, EDHEC student


20Our actions

Surveillance audit for Qualiopi certification successful! This certification allows us to maintain an excellent level of quality in our training courses and, above all, to continually improve.

Thanks to a privileged relationship with Hop3team, our management software provider for professional training, we have become beta-testers of their tool. Our experience will allow us to further enrich the functionalities of this already very efficient tool dedicated to training organisations.

This year, we welcomed Shikhar and Sameeksha who assist our Digital Analytics consultants and we will welcome a new student in January 2024.

The team took a workshop on powerful and caring communication during our winter seminar at Ititoca’s. This is helping to improve the quality of communication within the team and with our clients.

Two additional days of professional training are scheduled for fall.



Continue to welcome foreign students to introduce them to a French company and train them in Digital Analytics..

Allow the team to continue to progress thanks to workshops and trainings.


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