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Fall seminar at Mont Saint-Aubert

Nov 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Fall is a good time for walks and hikes. The Optimal Ways team went to Mont Saint-Aubert, a few kilometers from Tournai, for a seminar at an altitude of 149 meters. Welcomed by the Floreal, the view was inspiring. We had lunch there before heading to the venue where the day’s fun activity was waiting for us!
The theme of the seminar was the exchange on our analysis methods. The feedback from the whole team was particularly prolific and constructive. It was indeed a moment when the whole team was together outside the usual framework and this allows a different approach from the daily one.
The afternoon was punctuated by several races at Battlekart, in Mouscron, with championships and good humor. The team did not play a video game, but were enacted as the characters in the video game! For some, the place was familiar, while for others, it was an excellent discovery!