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Qualiopi certification, a guarantee of quality for our training courses!

Nov 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Datadock certified since 2017, our Optimal Ways Academy training center embarked on Qualiopi certification, the national quality standard for training, in February 2021.

After several months of preparation and optimization of our methodology and processes, as well as adoption of a new YPK tool, we were ready for the certification audit. Oh, we didn’t do it alone! Gaëlle Obrenovitch helped us in this process and, thanks to a mock audit in June, prepared us well for the certification.

Small adjustments followed to be able to show in September to our auditor how Optimal Ways meets the 7 quality criteria:

  1. communication with the public about the services offered.
  2. the adaptation of the services to the beneficiary public during their conception.
  3. The follow-up and evaluation support implemented.
  4. the adequacy of the pedagogical, technical and managerial means to the services implemented.
  5. the training of the staff in charge of implementing the services.
  6. the investment of the provider in his professional environment.
  7. The collection and consideration of feedback and complaints from stakeholders in the services provided.

Thanks to Qualiopi, we are part of a continuous improvement process: this certification is a long-term process with regular verification audits. This experience helped us to solidify and harmonize our training offer.

Optimal Ways is Qualiopi certified for all its training activities.
You can find our offer on the website OptimalWays Academy

Marie et Chloé