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There is currently an acute shortage of candidates on the Digital Analytics market, and E-commerce businesses find it difficult to hire staff. And because of the complexity of the profession, it is unlikely that one person could possess all of the skills required to effectively perform the entire range of Digital Analytics-related functions, which entail technical skills, strategic-planning skills, software skills, etc.

To address this issue, Optimal Ways has launched a new service known as “Digital Analytics Insourcing”. Through this service, Optimal Ways provides staff to reinforce your existing team and help them manage key Digital Analytics functions.

Our Insourcing service can be provided either remotely or on-site, and allows you to frame your Digital Analytics processes within a medium-term perspective instead of dealing with them on a case-by-case basis.

This service can be provided either remotely or on-site, and it allows you to develop your Digital Analytics competency within a medium-term perspective instead of dealing with issues on a short-term basis. It can also be used as a means of delegating a part of the DA function.

Our Insourcing service centres around 4 themes:

1. Standards and processes: Optimal Ways supports your e-commerce teams in defining and updating standards and processes. We also provide documentation on tagging plans and on the configuration of Digital Analytics and Tag Management solutions.

2. Data quality and integrity: Depending on the current status of your e-commerce sites, Optimal Ways supports your business, project, and technical teams in implementing and testing tagging-plan updates. Your websites are also scanned on a regular basis to ascertain the validity of collected data.

3. Reporting and analysis: At the request of your business teams, Optimal Ways produces reports on topics such as the performance of your campaigns, the effectiveness of your conversion tunnel, etc…

4. Skills empowerment: Optimal Ways’ consultants are available to answer any questions your e-commerce teams may have regarding the use and interpretation of the data produced by your Digital Analytics solutions. We also support your e-commerce management in implementing a Digital Analytics process based on the Connected Commerce Analytical Maturity Model.

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