Data integrity and reliability are the first prerequisites for any subsequent analysis, whether for campaign, merchandising or conversion purposes. Depending on your specific needs, Optimal Ways will audit your digital data on several levels: 

    Automated scanning: We perform automated checks on all of the pages on your website (missing tags, duplicate tags, erroneous values, etc…). To perform these checks, we use ObservePoint, the market-leading Web Analytics Quality Assurance solution, with which we enjoy a special partner relationship.
    Manual checks: We manually check all of the critical processes on your website (basket management, order process, registration process, etc…) to gain in-depth insight into the quality of your digital data.
    Traffic sources & campaigns: We perform spot checks to assess the quality of tagging in your main campaign sources, as well as the global data consistency of your traffic sources.
    Configuration: We check the configuration of your Digital Analytics solution(s). We are certified for the following Digital Analytics solutions: Adobe SiteCatalyst, AT Internet Analyzer, and comScore Digital Analytix—and we have earned the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ).
    Reports: We check the consistency and coherence of the data in the reports generated by your Digital Analytics solution(s).

Since we provide no traffic-acquisition, website ergonomics, or website development services, we can work with your existing providers as a trusted third party.

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