Whether on-site or remote, our services are tailored to your specific needs, and thoroughly help you understand and optimize your digital activities.

• Traffic & campaigns: We analyse the performance of your traffic sources—both natural (such as search engine optimisation and link exchanges) and paid (key-word purchasing, display, affiliation, etc…)—using different analytical approaches, such as attribution modelling.

• Content & conversion paths: We analyse the performance of your landing pages, as well as the main conversion paths for your digital activities.

• Segmentation & conversion-rate optimisation: We analyse the progression of your conversion rates over time according to visitor and customer segments. With the results of our analysis in hand, we can provide fine-tuned advice on the key steps in the conversion-rate optimisation process.

To better meet your needs, we provide a part-time, on-site analytics service

With this service, our consultants will be readily on hand to meet your analytics and reporting needs.
This on-site analytics service requires a minimum commitment of 4 days a month for 4 months, and is the ideal solution for customers seeking the expertise they need to support the development of in-house digital analytics skills.

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